Why You Should Check Out Your Local Adult Career Center

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Your local adult career center (ACC) might be the best-kept secret to help people who have recently lost their employment, are entering the workforce after an extended period, or want to pursue their education. There are numerous resources your ACC offers from resume and job search help to finding the right education and training for your goals.

Learn About Transferable Skills

If you recently lost your job or it has been years since you have been in the workforce, you may feel like there is nothing you are qualified to do. Fortunately, many people have transferable skills they do not realize makes a difference in landing the next job. For example, some transferable skills you may have acquired on your own could be working with word processing software, tinkering around with upgrading or fixing your own computer, learning different programs, or watching social media videos on programming. Some other transferable skills that may have come from previous employment might include managing a team of workers, customer service, or administrative work.

Find Money For College

Many people who have never been to college or did not complete their program may not realize how much money is out there for their education. An ACC often starts by guiding adults on filling out the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Submitting your FAFSA is the gateway to finding grants, scholarships, and student loans to help fund your education.

Employees at your local ACC can also help you stretch your financial aid further. You may want to try applied programs at your local community college since these institutions are often less expensive than four-year colleges. Additionally, many community colleges have terminal degree programs that are designed to help you enter the workforce. If you want to attend a four-year college, starting with a community college will reduce the amount of debt you may incur by entering a four-year college from the beginning of your education.

Participate in Training Programs

Whether you just finished high school or are changing your career, an ACC can help you find training programs that help you find work faster. For many people, going to college is not feasible, either because they are uninterested in pursuing years of education or they need to have an income faster. Some training programs may offer paid training, so it is easier to complete the program without needing another job. Some training programs that are common include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and plumbing. If you have a major employer in your area, such as a shipyard, there may be programs with guaranteed employment after the completion of the program.

When you are ready to pursue a different career path in your life, your local ACC is there to help. With seemingly infinite resources available, almost anyone can find a new path in their life.